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Sublime placemaking,
precisely crafted


Stan Carroll

Stan as Atlas.jpg

​Living and breathing a digital 3D design-centric career which stretches well beyond the typical domain of an architect and deeply into advanced computational design and digital fabrication, Carroll, a 25 year architectural practitioner, regularly has tested the limits of form and function under the name of Beyond Metal since 1998. His work spans from the design phase to the hands-on fabrication within the domains of furniture design, building design, urban place making, and large scale public art.   In 2009 Carroll's design process was transformed by a seemingly trivial decision to learn computer coding. This decision ultimately redefined his firm and career path in a most profound way. Computational methods provide access to vastly more complex 3D forms previously inaccessible with 20th century tools.   For the past ten years, Carroll has taken advantage of the new found computational methodologies in a variety of ground breaking teaching methods and works of public art. Highlights include his role as co-designer on the award winning, 198 feet tall, SkyDance Pedestrian Bridge in Oklahoma City and his current work as principal designer of the Doris Miller Memorial in Waco, Texas. At the heart of this memorial is a stainless steel wall that advances the geometrics of modern construction systems.   Truly breathtaking.


We choose to go to the Moon ... not because it is easy, but because it is hard -- John F. Kennedy 1962

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